USTAR Speed Drill / Reamer 90080


A speed drill by U-Star capable of drilling holes <1mm – 14mm. The handle doubles as a storage compartment.

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This tool from U-Star is labeled at being able to drill holes from 0-16mm in diameter. It is even engraved right on the tool! Now, I don’t know what a 0mm hole looks like, and it actually only cuts holes up to 14mm, but it does work as advertised. It’s kinda like a pin vice with a tapered bit attached…kinda. Just place the VERY sharp tip where you want the hole, and then spin the handle. I’ve also used this to ream existing holes or to put a chamfer on one.

Warning: This tool is EXTREMELY SHARP! I suggest that it be used only during adult supervision, possibly only when wearing chain mail and definitely not by anyone in prison (Sorry Uncle Bubba). Seriously, Please be careful when using this.


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