U-Star Detail File and Sanding Stick


A detail file with Peel and Stick sandpaper of various grits

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I have to admit, I’m a fan of this metal file. The diamond file portion is chemically bonded to the all metal body, giving you a #400 grit sanding stick that will last and last. What makes this file better than the rest, you ask? Why, the peel and stick sandpaper that accompanies the file, of course! Included are 7 pieces of sandpaper in various grits, specially designed to be applied over the diamond grit, making this file 2-in-1… or technically 8-in-1. Included Grits: #400, #600, #800, #1000, #1500, #2000 and #2500, with the diamond file being #400. The 2mm or 6mm width makes it perfect for tight spots. Not only that, but it tapers in thickness too, allowing for some seriously fine detail work. Stock is extremely limited in both widths.

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2.0mm, 6mm


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