Raser Origin Gate Remover v1.5

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  • RASER – Gate Removal of the future!

A reusable gate sanding stick that leaves the nub completely smooth.

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Say goodbye to nub marks! The RASER is a new product from GunPrimer out of Korea that takes gate removal to the next level. It is made from tempered glass, which makes it very strong and extremely durable. It wont clog like sandpaper because it can be wiped off in between uses! This product is perfect for the model that doesn’t require paint because it leaves the nub marks completely SMOOTH.

Works on mold lines and scratches too!

Box contents:

■ RASER x1 (version 1.5)

Material: Tempered glass

Size: 90mm x11mm x3.5mm

Be sure to check out the video we made below, it shows the RASER in use!

[Precautions for use]

* RASER does not clog, but plastic powder adheres after polishing. If left untreated, the polishing power will drop, so be sure to keep it clean with RECOVER after use.

*RASER is made of tempered glass material, but please note that the material is broken by external shock.

* The set polishing tools can be washed with water. If it becomes dirty, it can be reused after washing with water and drying.

* Use for all plastics. Do not use on metal.

* The special case has a paper surface. Please note that it may be damaged if wet.

Additional information

Dimensions1 × 8 × 6 in

1 review for Raser Origin Gate Remover v1.5

  1. Douane Schnyder (verified owner)

    Got to say that Majin Hobby is one of the best companies I have ever shopped through. There was a mix up with my order and the promptly fixed it and I received my Raser 1.5 which works great.

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