Kamaboko File (Half Round File)


This file is made for filing into corners without scratching the perpendicular surface. Filing tooth is only on the flat side. Made to be used under very light pressure, the small handle prevents you from using too much pressure. 5mm wide and 101mm long.

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Designed particularly for model painting!

Filing putty causes clogging

Filing with strong force causes clogging

File lightly, using only the weight of the file

Do not use metal brush to remove debris

Damaged file tooth decreases cutting ability

Rust decreases cutting ability, so apply anti-rust oil on a regular basis

Easy to rust

The convex shape prevents bending, and can file with light pressure

What is a KAMABOKO file?

KAMABOKO File, is a file that is a shape of a kamaboko

Kamaboko is fish cake. This Japanese food is a processed seafood made from fish paste. This food is usually in a shape of a semicircle, which this shape in Japanese is referred to as a “Kamaboko shape”.

This may look like an ordinary half-round file, but there are no tooth on the convex surface

This, actually is a flat file

Does not have tooth

Tooth only on flat side

The convex shape increases the strength of the file, making it hard to bend

Transfers the strength to the surface since it doesn’t bend

Only need to focus on how to angle the file to the object, not requiring any extra force to file precisely

Using paper as an example…

A flat piece of paper hangs down

Convex shape makes it hard to bend

Simplified version

The convex surface does not have file tooth, preventing scratches on the side of the inverted angel

The convex surface does not have file tooth, making filing to the very edge of the inverted angle possible

However, the inverted angle needs to be between 180-90 to not scratch the sides

The convex surface will touch the side surface with a smaller angle

KAMABOKO File (Half-Round File)

In theory, the convex surface does not touch the side surface with an inverted angle from 180-90

The convex surface will touch the side surface if less than 90 degrees

Single cut sharp teeth creates a clean cut surface

The short grip is designed intentionally to make it unable to grip too hard

This prevents uneven filing, creating a flat surface

Handy size

Can reach into a space as narrow as 5mm

Scars on the file increases cutting ability and is not a defect

May be dents at the bottom of the grip, but does not affect the quality.

Total length:101mm
Length grip:50mm
File tooth:Single cut (Smooth cut)

Use: plastic (plystyrene, polypropylene, acrylonitrile-buta-diene-styrene, and polyethylene resin) only


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