GunPrimer – Raser+ (Raser Plus)





Super-Nano Technology

Material: Tempered Glass

Size: 20*65*5mm


Made in Korea

  • RASER + is a sanding tool specialized for removing gates. It has a power of 220 grit and the sanded surface is finished without leaving any scratches.

  • 5mm increase in size for improved grip and performance when removing thick gate-marks.

  • Residues stuck on the RASER’s surface can decrease performance. To remove residues, clean with water or masking tape. If cleaning with water, dry completely before using.

  • Tempered-glass made RASER does not break during normal use. However, it can be damaged from external shocks and drops. Always store in a storage case when not in use.

  • Only use on plastics. Do not use on the metals.

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The Raser has been an amazing seller for GunPrimer. So…..they MADE IT BIG! This updated version is 5mm wider.

Super-Nano Technology

With 220 grit force, RASER+ can easily remove thick gate-marks to produce a clean surface without any scratches. Evolutionary super-nano technology provides a strong 220 grit force incomparable to any other similar products.

Handcrafted Smooth Edge

Handcrafted smooth edges leave no scratches on the plastic surfaces and it goes through a strict QA process to ensure the safe use by users of all ages.

Improved Grip

Improved grip provides enhanced and more powerful sanding.



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