GunPrimer – Joint Guard


This is a special light grey reinforcing tape to recover/prevent the looseness of joints and moving parts. From GunPrimer

1 Sheet – 1054 Pieces

Multiple Widths and Lengths


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Whats the model that you think of when I say “joint sag”? Loose joints plagued GunPla for a number of years, decades. Even now, 40+ years later, certain releases that would be otherwise fantastic are thrown to the back of the backlog because the polycaps wont hold a position. MG GN-X Anyone? You run into the same issue with backpacks, side skirts, basically any moving part. Over time the issue can get worse. GunPrimer has relieved us of having to tape/paint/nail polish/putty or glue the joint by releasing a cost effective multi use solution to this problem. Introducing…JOINT GUARD. With your purchase you receive, I’m not kidding, over 1000 pieces of specially designed “tape” for lack of a better word. Each sheet contains precisely measured and pre-cut strips in multiple sizes.

To quote GunPrimer: Reinforcing tape has been cut into strips in six sizes to suit various shafts. In addition, it is a soft special tape with a non-slip coating on the surface, so it can reinforce the joints without applying excessive tension to the parts.

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Dimensions4.2 × 7 in


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