GunPrimer Gate Remover Set


The 3 piece nub removal and surface treatment set from GunPrimer

1 – Raser

1 – Balancer

1 – Recover

Comes in a fancy box that can double as a tool tray or storage bin

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The 3 piece collection to end all 3 piece collections! The Gate Remover set from GunPrimer is a “must have” if you care what your gates look like. Nub marks are a thing of the past if used properly. The set includes the popular RASER (ver 1.5) gate remover, the incredible two sided BALANCER buffing block, and the surprisingly effective RECOVER polishing cloth. The creators in Korea call this set a “surface treatment kit” and after you see it in action, you’ll know why. Use the Raser to remove the nub, then use your choice of Balancer or Recover to get the finish you desire. Flat / High Polish or Satin respectively. Check out the video below…It really does work that well!

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Dimensions5.1 × 8 × 1.2 in


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