GunPrimer – Balancer White


Balancer (white) – A foam core two sided polishing block for plastic. The green side (side 1) is for matte finishes or for side 2 prep, the white side (side 2) is for a high polish.

3 pieces per pack

Can also be found as part of the RASER Gate Remover Set

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The Balancer (White) by GunPrimer is a two sided polishing block. The green side is for a Matte finish, the white side for High Gloss. I use these personally in every one of my builds. They are amazing! Take out scratches or other light imperfections with one side, polish it to a clear coat shine with the other. Ideal for kits that wont be painted, but perfect for surface treatment prior to primer or paint too. Use in tandem with Recover to achieve different finishes. This is one of those products that you have to see to believe, so watch the short video below!

We recommend you only use this product on plastic, not paint or other materials.

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Dimensions3.5 × .75 × .65 in


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