GodHand Kids Nipper EX GH-KPN-95


  • Small, but smooth cutting makes cutting parts fun!
  • Special single-edged nipper serious about usability and safety for children.
  • The leather sleeve for storing is included.
  • Moderate resilience of spring let children open and close smoothly with their hands.
  • Blade stopper is equipped to prevent blade from breaking due to excessive force.

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The GH-KPN-95 Kids Nipper is a kid friendly, blunted tip Nipper in a short 95mm length. Made to fit smaller hands, this single bladed nipper is perfect for young modelers. The KPN-95 is essentially a smaller, safer version of the PN-120, GodHands 4 Star nipper with the red handles. Comes with a protective blade sleeve that snaps closed.

Warning – This nipper is LESS dangerous than other nippers, but could still do something nasty under the right (or wrong) circumstances. Please use with caution and under Adult Supervision.


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