GodHand – Kamifude Brushwork Softest Filbert L


Protection cap is included.
Hairs material : PBT 100%

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Super Soft Large Filbert Paintbrush GH-EBRSUP-HML

Amazing soft brush, Brushwork Softest!
Brushwork Softest is perfect brush for watery painting like acrylic painting!

・Can paint watery acrylic paints smoothly without shaving off the paint with brush itself.
・Can contain much more paint at the tips.

“Kamifude” is a delicate brush created by a brush artist who specializes in artificial hair. Unlike general chemical fiber brushes, the hair is dry and hard to tear, and you can maintain a freshly used feel.

The brush of animal hair that is strong against solvent tends to be damaged or damaged when soaked in solvent, but Kamifu is resistant to solvent because it is PBT hair, so the bond holding the brush tip is also solvent As it uses a strong material, you can keep a good brush tip for a long time.

Ideal for figure’s belt where precise but not so small area and roughly face painting. Thin but contain much paint at the tip and not dried during painting.

Protection cap is included.
Hairs material : PBT 100%


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