GodHand – Kami Paper (Set B)


Resin Soaked Waterproof Sandpaper by GodHand

Each pack contains 4 pieces

1 ea. of #1000, #1200, #1500, #2000

9 in stock

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Yup! Freaking GodHand Freaking Sandpaper!

Not JUST sandpaper, but God’s Sandpaper (Kami Paper). This waterproof sandpaper has been soaked with resin to stiffen it and make it EXTRA waterproof. The back is non-slip so it wont roll or tank tread when wet. You can even use it on its edge as shown in the pics. Available in 2 styles, A or B. Each pack contains 1 sheet ea. of 4 different grits.

Set A contains #200, #400, #600, #800

Set B contains #1000, #1200, #1500, #2000


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