GodHand – Hobby Working Box


For Cutting resin and plastic with nippers and filing by rotary tools.
Perfect for preventing parts from flying off.

Utilizes a collection tray that can be easily emptied.
A magnifying lens allows you to be more productive when you do detailed work.

Made from PET,  hard to be broken and easy to assemble.

Main Material: PET

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This is a really interesting and clever product. Its made out of crystal clear PET and is shipped fully collapsed. Once you unfold it and lock the tabs together, you have a box to cut and grind INSIDE of. One hand goes through either side. A magnifying lens is built into the front, giving you a detailed view of your work. It even has a tray to collect the nibs and nubs that are cut away! Just slide the tray out and empty into the trash. Perfect for work areas that have hungry carpet, you’ll never lose a small part again.

Heads up: It is not made from acrylic. The PET it is constructed from is more like plastic packaging. Thin, but strong. Light weight and perfect for traveling or working in the living room but sturdy enough to belong in a dedicated workshop. Chemicals may etch or cloud the plastic. Similarly, painting inside of the hobby box is a bad idea.


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