To Everyone: I have been neglecting the website and my customers for quite a while, as most of you know. I am closing down the website for 10 days to avoid getting further behind.

To my loyal customers: I am sorry for leaving you in the dark, and causing so many issues.

To my 1st order customers: I am sorry that this was your first experience with MajinHobby.

To explain, not to excuse: I had a psychological breakdown. These past 9 months were so full of loss and pain for me that depression quickly took over. I quickly found myself hiding from everything and everyone. My downward spiral came to its moment of impact and I was lucky enough to be rescued. I am now on the way back up and will be able to get home to MajinHobby on the 17th. I will be processing any and all refunds and returns then. Customers who wish to receive their items will, I will be shipping items starting the 18th. I have created a new email address for customers to reach out and get support concerning order status --> Once every past order is sorted, I will reopen and see what happens.

P.S.   - Our inventory and finances are in tact.

I am sorry-