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Make sharp edges with this fine file. It can be used either right or left handed, and can be used in any direction, even circle patterns aren’t a problem. It wont round an edge since it doesn’t “give” or squish. You could even put sandpaper on the back… It’s my new favorite metal file!

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Metal file perfect for making edges and flat surface

Can file in any direction like sand paper

In general, when creating a edge with sand paper and a board,
there is an adhesive material (double-sided tape or velcro) in between
which causes a dull edge since there is an adhesive material which acts as a cushion between the file and the object

Making an edge with a board

Board Adhesive (double-sided tape) Object

Edge is dull since the adhesive material acts as a cushion

However, the ES-90 file integrates with the board, not allowing anything in between to create a sharp edge
(Can create sharp edges even on curved surfaces)

Making edge with ES-90

Integrated file with board Object

No dullness of edges since the the board itself is a file as well

Wide file surface

ES-90 file feature: not only flat but cuts wide surfaces

Can find small dents when making a flat surface

Special file structure: For both right-hand and left-hand use

General metal file is for right hand, but with the ES-90, file in any directions like sand paper

Index finger Thumb Picking with fingers Hold with three fingers

Can file in all directions, so no need to worry about which hand to hold it, how to hold it, or how to direct the file

Durable since it’s metal

Remove chips to prevent from clogging

Remove chips with toothbrush

Chips will clog if they are not removed

When severly clogged, put solvent on to dissolve the chips

Do not use metal brush to clean the file. It will damage the file


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