GodHand – Brush Maintenance Starch GH-BRS-GL


Wish you could get those bent bristles to straighten back out? Has your liner become dull and frayed? Get that Angular back to a razors edge with GodHand’s own shaping starch. A little goes a long way, so order just 1.

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Material: Powder starch
Contents: 8g
Case material: PET
Cap material: Polypropylene
*Cap color is random, but the content is the same

Dissolve the product in hot water (cold water will make it clumpy)
Store Brush Maintenance Starch solution in the fridge
(Use within 10 days of pulling from storage. May start to mold if kept longer)
Keep out of reach of children
Avoid humidity and direct sunlight, seal and store it in a cold and dark place
Do not lick, swallow, or inhale
If the starch gets into your eyes, wash with water for a minute.


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