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By now you know what DSPIAE can do. Their own line of Lacquer Paint is, no surprise, top tier. 18ml glass bottles are just the right size in our opinion. A wide variety of colors are available including – Clears, Fluorescents, Bold Solids, Metallics, Color Shifting and Pearls.

We have listed ALL colors here for easy selection.

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CP-01 Magical Magenta, CP-02 Alluring Ruby, CP-03 Mystic Violet, CP-04 Elegant Emerald, CP-05 Dark Amethyst, CP-06 Midnight Red, CP-07 Cosmic Blue, CP-08 Void Purple, CP-09 Tigers Eye, CP-10 Devil Green, CP-11 Hellfire Gold, CP-12 Lucky Shamrock, CP-13 Electric Blue, CP-14 Rocky Brown, CP-15 Regal Gold, CP-16 Galactic Purple, EP-1 Chrome Silver, F-1 Fluorescent Red, F-2 Fluorescent Orange, F-3 Fluorescent Yellow, F-4 Fluorescent Green, F-5 Fluorescent Blue, F-6 Fluorescent Pink, F-7 Fluorescent Mandarin Orange, F-8 Fluorescent White, G-1 White, G-2 Black, G-3 Red, G-4 Yellow, G-5 Blue, G-6 Green, G-7 Orange, G-8 Purple, G-9 Sky Blue, G-10 Zest Yellow, G-11 Amber Orange, G-12 Flat Black, G-13 Flat White, G-14 Bright Red, G-15 Tangerine Red, G-16 China Red, G-17 Grey, G-18 Metallic Red, G-19 Metallic Yellow, G-20 Bright Blue, G-21 Leaf Green, G-22 Brown, G-23 Peach Red, G-24 Chrome Yellow, G-25 Flat Additive, PP-01 Twilight Blue, PP-02 Prism Purple, PP-03 Mirage Brown, PP-04 Oceans Eye, PP-05 Devils Emerald, SC-1 Clear Red, SC-2 Clear Yellow, SC-3 Clear Blue, SC-4 Clear Green, SC-5 Clear Purple, SC-6 Clear Orange, SC-7 Clear Black, SC-8 Clear, SM-1 Stainless Steel, SM-2 Champagne Gold, SM-3 Champagne Silver, SM-4 Titanium Gold, SM-5 Rose Gold, SM-6 Turquoise Gold, SM-7 Bronze, SM-8 Dark Steel, SM-9 Black Iron, SM-10 White Aluminum, SPM-1 Super Silver, SPM-2 Super Black


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