Border Model Panel Line Chisel 0.15mm


Full Metal Line Scribing Chisel in 0.15mm by Border Model

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Border model has produced a high end yet affordable Full Metal Chisel in 0.15mm. The handle is made of solid Stainless Steel, the head is a High Grade Tungsten. After brazing the head in place, the handle is polished to be smooth and comfortable. No Sharp Edges…on the handle anyway. The blade edges are VERY sharp and can be used to scrape and shave plastic. We only have stock of the 0.15mm size, although others do exist. We are very happy with the quality of these and will be stocking the entire size range in the future.

Caution: 0.15mm is small enough to begin with and tungsten is inherently brittle, be careful not to put sideways pressure on the head or torque or bend it. It could snap! Think of it as ceramic and you will be fine. Just… be careful, would ya!?


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