Border Model Line Scriber / Engraver


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This is one of the tools that can take your build to another level. “Line Scribers” or “Engraving Chisels” make detail work what it is today. Mastery over this technique takes LOTS of time and the proper tool are expensive. We have been looking for an inexpensive option that allows for a short learning curve. We think this might be it! The blade is made of Carbide, so it should stay sharp for the life of the tool, and the body is Aluminum, making it light weight and comfortable to hold. It is used much like a Hobby Knife so it should be intuitive. Watch the video below to get more info and to see it in action.

We have found that holding the tool at a ~60deg angle gives the best results. Some similar tools by other brands are more like ~45deg. You will have to find the sweet spot for yourself however, as each tool is machined by hand and so is slightly different.

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