Unleashed Giveaway

The April 1st “Not an April Fools Joke” Unleashed Giveaway – Winners Listed at Bottom
Starting Monday 3/8 at 12:01AM and ending Thursday 4/1 at 8:00AM we will be doing a giveaway. As of right now, we have 2 prizes which I think will get everyone excited. If the number of entries grows beyond a certain point, Ill be adding a 3rd prize. 1 prize per winner.
So lets start with Prize #2. It is an unopened RG ZEONG with Last Shooting Effect Set. These sold out everywhere very quickly and I was lucky enough to grab one for the giveaway. Ill be including a set of G-Rework decals for it as well. Prize #1 is an unopened PG Unleashed RX-78-2. Yes, the one that was released in limited quantities and is near impossible to be found at retail prices. Again, timing and deep scouting allowed me to buy one and I cant wait to give it away! This will come with 2 different G-Rework decal sets.
So how do you win? Each valid order number gives you an entry.  All you have to do is make a purchase at MajinHobby.com. *Musou Black is excluded and is not a valid purchase for entry. EVERYTHING else is included. All items, be it GunPrimer, GodHand, Dspiae, U-Star, Border, G-Rework… Books, Decals, Tools, Paint brushes, Dust brushes… EVERYTHING. You can enter as many times as you wish, just buy something from the site (besides Musou Black) and you will be automatically entered. 1 entry per order. The winning names will be randomly drawn on 4/1 at 9PM EST and will be announced on our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5PMCzWRZlnarFa6fH7_NLw Subscribe and hit the bell to make sure you don’t miss it.
To Recap
  • Complete an order on our site on or after 3/8
  • Wait to see if you won on 4/1
1 prize per winner. 1 entry per order.

Void where prohibited. Legal U.S. Residents Only. No Purchase Necessary. Purchase does not increase odds of winning. For (1) free entry, send a stamped postcard with entrants name, address, phone number and email address  to: Unleashed @ MajinHobby, 111 East Harris Drive State College PA 16801

We have 3 Winners! Congratulations to the winners and Thank You to every one that entered. If you didn’t win, we will do something like this again soon!

3rd Prize – Order 11157 – $20 Store Credit

2nd Prize – Order 11055 – RG ZEONG Last Shooting

1st Prize – Order 11020 – PG Unleashed RX-78-2

Ive emailed the winners, so check your SPAM folder if you dont see an email from MajinZakuza

I have the video of me using Random.org to draw the winners, If you need it for some reason, Let Me Know

Our First Giveaway

We are growing! To celebrate this, we are doing a HUGE giveaway on our newly minted Social Media accounts. Starting Monday, June 22 and ending Sunday, June 28th, we will be giving away OVER $1000 of free stuff. To win, all you need to do is sign up for our newsletter (bottom of all pages at majinhobby.com), Follow us then like and share our post with #MajinLootDrop and #majinhobby and tag 2 friends that might like to know about us too. Sound like a lot of work? Well, check out the list of items you could win at https://majinhobby.com/our-first-giveaway/

  1. GunPrimer – Void Dust Collection System ($239.00)
  2. LK-HOBBY – Induction LED Base Kit ($99.99)
  3. GodHand – Ultimate Nippers 5.0 ($51.49)
  4. GodHand – Ultimate Nippers 5.0 ($51.49)
  5. P-BandaiMaster Grade Astray Turn-Red ($85.99)
  6. Bandai – Master Grade Gundam Double X ($47.99)
  7. Bandai – Master Grade RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type ($34.99)
  8. Bandai – High Grade RGM-79HC GM Guard Custom ($20.99)
  9. GunPrimer – Gate Remover Set ($46.99)
  10. GunPrimer – Raser the Black ($44.99)
  11. GunPrimer – Raser Gate Remover ($26.99)
  12. GunPrimer – Master Guide Set ($24.99)
  13. GunPrimer – GP Scriber ($19.99)
  14. GunPrimer – Recover ($13.99)
  15. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 1 Pattern 0.1mm ($11.99)
  16. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 1 Pattern 0.2mm ($11.99)
  17. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 1 Pattern 0.3mm ($11.99)
  18. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 1 Straight 0.1mm ($11.99)
  19. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 1 Straight 0.2mm ($11.99)
  20. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 1 Straight 0.3mm ($11.99)
  21. Artisans Club – Panel Lining Pen ($9.99)
  22. GodHand – Acrylic FF board set of 5 GH-FFA-15 ($9.49)
  23. USTAR – Panel Line Scriber Pair 0.1mm + 0.3mm ($8.99 ea)
  24. GunPrimer – Joint Guard ($7.99)
  25. GunPrimer – Balancer White+Gray 1ea ($6.99 ea)
  26. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 2 Curved ($6.99)
  27. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 2 Straight Lines 2mm ($6.99)
  28. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 2 Straight Lines 3mm ($6.99)
  29. Panel Line Guide 1 – Point 0.4mm ($6.99)
  30. Panel Line Guide 1 – Point 0.6mm ($6.99)
  31. Panel Line Guide 1 – Point 0.8mm ($6.99)
  32. Panel Line Guide 1 – Point 1.0mm ($6.99)
  33. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 1 (Curved Surface 0.1mm) ($6.99)
  34. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 1 (Curved Surface 0.2mm) ($6.99)
  35. GunPrimer – Panel Line Guide 1 (Curved Surface 0.3mm) ($6.99)
  36. GunPrimer – Dust Brush ($5.99)
  37. GunPrimer – Pin Vice Guide ($5.99)
  38. GunPrimer – Custom Guide Opaque ($5.99)
  39. GunPrimer – Custom Guide Transparent Gray ($5.99)
  40. GunPrimer – Custom Guide Transparent Black ($5.99)
  41. GunPrimer – Balancer Gray Singles – 48x

GunPrimer Gave us 48 to Give Away. 48 Flippin Balancers!! We will pick an additional 48 winners for these!!


  1. Sign-up for our newsletter at www.MajinHobby.com (bottom of each page)
  2. Follow us and like us
  3. Like and share the MajinHobby Giveaway post.
  4. Tag 2 friends that might want to know about us
  5. Use the hashtags: #majinlootdrop #majinhobby
  6. The event lasts until June 28th at midnight. 
    Winners will be announced on June 29th
  7. For 2 more chances to win follow us on all 3 of our accounts – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @majinhobby and do the same thing. We will be picking winners at random from all entries combined. We will keep you updated throughout the week. 

Thanks for all the continued support! 

–  MajinZaku (Zach Eastman)



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