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My name is Zach Eastman (A.K.A. MajinZaku on the Intertubes). I’ve been building Gunpla since 1998. My first kit was an HG Deathscythe Hell Custom that I picked up at a local hobby shop. Later that day, I went back for the Wing from Endless Waltz. Man I loved them. After they sat on my desk for a few days, I decided to paint them…and completely screwed them up. Fast forward 20 years – I’m by no means a pro, but I have many full paint and custom kits under my belt and I am constantly looking for new tools and supplies to add to my collection. I kinda collect them as much as the kits. I feel like good tools are hard to come by, at least here in the USA and especially in the area I live. The online stores that I frequent are often sold out of the stuff I need and want, hence MAJINHobby. 

My Goal is to source and supply hard to find and “Have to Have” tools, making them available for those that are like minded. If you ever have a request for something, send me an email or fill out the contact form. Ill see what I can do. Also, Ill only be able to grow this little website with your support and suggestions, so please speak up with your questions and comments. 

Why Us?

24/7 Support

Since I live and breathe Gunpla, Im constantly available. If I'm near my phone, Ill respond as quickly as possible, most times within an hour.

Fast Shipping

We are in The USA. That means quick delivery. No need to wait 3 weeks for delivery, most orders arrive in 2-3 days.


Not only do I source and supply great products, but I am an inventor and innovator as well. Your order helps me develop new and improved products.


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